Visitor Q Poster

Visitor Q Poster

Visitor Q (Takashi Miike) Poster by Capitoni

Visitor Q Poster

As a massive Takashi Miike fan I wanted to pay homage to the Japanese director by creating a series of posters inspired from his films. Movies like Ichi The Killer, Dead or Alive and Audition had been, for one reason or the another, some of the most shocking I’d seen in a while. This is just a personal experiment that maybe I will expand in the future to other titles. I’ve chosen two recently successful ones like Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai (2011) and 13 Assasins (2010), that antihero character called Zebraman (2004) and the out of this world Visitor Q (2001).

What I wanted to reflect with this series of posters was just a scene or icon from the films that represented it in a minimalist way. The poster can be purchased here and is a  very limited edition.




Visitor Q (Takashi Miike) Poster detail by Capitoni



Visitor Q poster:
50 x 70 cms / 19,5 x 27,5 inches
HP Digital Prinitng
Recycled Paper 250 g
Signed and numbered edition of 5

Get it here.