English Summer / English Celebrities 2, designs by Capitoni

English Summer / English Celebrities 2

Summer Pack 2014 poster, vector illustration by Capitoni

English Summer/English Celebrities 2

Immersed English is not a traditional English school. Offering English immersion courses in England they want to reflect their distinctive personality on everything they do. I had a lot of freedom when branding the 2014 summer campaign. The main image of the Queen is accompanied by a series of English celebrities portraits to be used for language learning tasks.


You can find out more about Immersed English here.




Summer Pack 2014 poster layout, vector illustration by Capitoni
Summer Pack 2014 flyer, design by Capitoni
Summer Pack 2014 board, design by Capitoni
David Beckham, portrait by Capitoni
Gordon Ramsay, portrait by Capitoni
Richard Branson, portrait by Capitoni
Russell Brand, portrait by Capitoni
Thom Yorke, portrait by Capitoni
Vinnie Jones, portrait by Capitoni
Vicky Pollard (Little Britain), portrait by Capitoni
Summer Pack 2014, Queen's room